Omri Sivor

Founder & Chairman“As the founder and Chairman of Daramis, Mr. Sivor is responsible for determining the overall investment strategy of the company. Since the establishment in 2000, he has been primarily involved in sourcing and structuring ventures, as well as partner relations. Mr. Sivor has over 17 years of experience in real estate development and direct investments within CEE markets. Mr. Sivor holds a B.A. degree in Business Management, specializing in international financing.”

Daramis - Omri Sivor

Yariv Ronen

CEO & Partner“Mr. Ronen acts as CEO of Daramis since 2005. In such capacity he directs the overall operations, project financing and asset management of all company’s investments. With over 12 years of experience in real estate, he became equity partner in Daramis during 2008. Mr. Ronen holds a Master in environmental engineering.“

Daramis - Yariv Ronen

Martin Vachek

Managing Director | Daramis Management“Mr. Vachek joined Daramis in 2013, responsible for the commercialization of all the company’s residential developments. Previously he served for 9 years as Head of Sales and Marketing for Lighthouse Group Czech Republic. Mr. Vachek holds a law degree from Charles’ University of Prague and University of Nancy, France.”

Daramis - Martin Vachek

Dušan Krajča

Chief Engineer“Mr. Krajca is responsible for the entire project development process, from preparation phases and permitting, to supervision of the construction works. within the Czech republic, Slovakia and Mexico. Prior to joining Daramis in 2005, he served for 5 years in different construction companies within the Czech republic, Slovakia and Mexico.”

Daramis - Dušan Krajča