Marina Island


In the residential segment our objective has always gone beyond establishing the balance between size and functionality of space. We focus on how to create a property that subject to the decision of its new owner, can be either leveraged fast or become the beloved home of generations to come. Achieving this goal challenges pragmatism. It is what we believe, secured our longevity on the market with such sustainable growth and ensures Daramis position within the top 3 residential developers active in the Czech Republic

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Our commercial portfolio began by acquiring operational income producing properties, followed by the recent development of new administrative buildings. Aware that uncertainty is a key expression of today’s economy, we continuously strive to design offices that provide the highest efficiency with the least possible space, while maintaining productivity for tenants. As a result, we pride ourselves on a stable occupancy rate in our portfolio comprising over 33,600 square meters of commercial space.

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Shiran Tower
Hotel Rehavital


Developing residential and commercial real estate is our esteemed core business. Owning hotels is what we perceive as a premium.

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