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We are


At Daramis, we like challenges. Our professional scope therefore covers a wide range of real estate activities,
with our primary focus – the development of new residential projects.

Our portfolio includes operating commercial buildings and hospitality projects.
Thanks to our permanent search of great investment opportunities and first-class projects,
Daramis and its activities became synonymous with outstanding quality service on the real estate market.

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is feeling at home
Since the year 2000, Daramis has been all about supporting fulfilled lives. We spare no cost to ensure that our clients’ living experience is as pleasant as possible.
is design
Our projects are a testimony to our belief in the importance of design and quality for the creation of the best living experiences. From sophisticated amenities, to carefully thought-through layouts and top-quality finishes, we strive to achieve consistent excellence.




We build homes in places
that are unmistakably unique.

We create communities
around our projects.

We aim to be a trusted
partner to our residents.


is neighbourhood

Community is at the heart of all we that we do. We aim to create and revive neighbourhoods, by developing exceptional living spaces and hosting local events for our residents. Sharing experiences and offering local businesses new locations to grow gives purpose to our work.
is social responsibility

In 2016, Daramis established of the Agora 7 Foundation, which focuses on various projects to improve the living standards and overall wellbeing of the elderly, as well as of those who are socially disadvantaged, in Holešovice and across Prague.

packages of fruit and vegetables for 210 seniors
hours of care services provided to vulnerable seniors
hours of care provided for 11 seniors under Charita Prahy 7
of vegetables and herbs could be grown by seniors and neighbours in Botanicula garden
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educational courses, events, lessons, sessions and workshops organised in Přístav 7 in 2021
children with combined disabilities use the support of our 2 assistants during therapies
We consider our team as the fundamental building block of all our projects, and we reciprocate by providing an excellent foundation for each member. Daramis offers exceptional opportunities for both professional and personal growth, and fosters an environment where every member feels supported and valued.

We are not hiring at this moment, but our continuous growth may present exciting opportunities down the line. Please keep us in mind!

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