Vážení klienti, dle aktuálního nařízení vlády máme zavřené Klientské centrum Daramis v ulici Jankovcova 14/1595, Praha 7 na dobu neurčitou.
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Construction of Tamir Winterstein Memorial Garden commences in Prague 7

In late April, a momentous development began on Jankovcova Street, adjacent to the renowned Prague Marina Nova project. Daramis took the first steps towards creating a memorial garden that will pay homage to the remarkable Tamir Winterstein and provide a place for Prague 7’s residents to rest, relax and play. This garden seeks to commemorate Tamir’s invaluable contribution to the development of the Holešovice Marina neighborhood, as well as his visionary ideas and unique personality. At the heart of this memorial, a striking ensemble of a large 3D printed chair, stool, and lamp will stand, symbolizing Tamir’s enduring presence and watchful gaze over his cherished creations in Holešovice.

Tamir’s Legacy:
Tamir Winterstein, born in Bratislava in 1949, was an exceptional leader and an inspirational figure to all those fortunate enough to know him. Having completed his degree in Engineering, he founded his own engineering company, and after moving to Czech Republic in 2000, together with Lighthouse Group, Tamir worked on improving our city with projects such as the Harfa shopping centre and the redevelopment of the Holešovice marina.

The Memorial Garden Concept:
The memorial garden planned on Jankovcova Street is a testament to Tamir Winterstein’s vision, accomplishments, and philanthropic spirit. At its core, the garden seeks to encapsulate the essence of Tamir’s character and celebrate his larger-than-life personality. The centerpiece of this magnificent tribute will be a collection of 3D printed objects, consisting of an imposing chair, a complementary stool, and an illuminating lamp. These elements represent Tamir’s intangible presence, as if he were still among us, attentively overseeing the neighborhood he helped shape. The scale of the monument further emphasizes the magnitude of Tamir’s impact, reflecting his immense vision, innovative ideas, and selfless charitable endeavors that continue to shape the community to this day. The Prague mosaic surrounding the monument is reflective of the city’s history and serves as a connecting element between the past and the future of Prague.

We will publish more information about our progress here and are excited to see the completion of this initiative in the summer!


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