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Project management

Frank Gehry

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness

We provide full support
for real estate developers

It includes all-inclusive project management, construction management, marketing and other related services.
We believe that our real estate know-how can help other developers in construction to create projects with timeless values together. Thanks to our long experience and tradition, we can claim that projects created under our supervision will outstand on the market and will offer highest standards for the most demanding customers.


Project development

We will choose the best location for your project. We will help you with property evaluation, competitive tendering, due diligence etc. We can as well assess economic efficiency of the project, advise you with financing and related paperwork. Thanks to us you do not need to worry, we will take care of your project.

Location choice · Property evaluation · Due Diligence · Competitive tendering · Project case study · Economic efficiency assessment · Financing (acquisition and administration)


Project supervision

We can arrange architectural and technical supervision or prepare a complex control system upon your request. Safe and secure day-to-day project operation is our priority.

Architectural supervision · Technical supervision · Construction supervision · Complex control system



Beside project development and supervision we offer other services that play an important role in every real estate project and are required for continuous and successful operation. Specifically it involves marketing, legal, accounting and tax services or ensuring project sales. We can also arrange facility management.

Legal services · Project sales · Marketing services · Facility management · Accounting and tax services

Completed projects

  • Domy Beranka (87 apartments)
  • Marina Island (344 apartments)
  • Karlín Park (135 apartments)
  • Villa Vokovice (51 apartments
  • Zelené město 2 (344 apartments)
  • Zahrady nad Rokytkou II (282 apartments)
  • Rezidence Čámovka I (145 apartments)
  • Rekonstrukce Parkhotelu (238 rooms)
  • Trio Rezidence (58 apartments)
  • Rezidence Vltava (108 apartments)
  • Viladomy Veleslavín (72 apartments)
  • Sedmikráska (151 apartments)
  • Nad Motolským Hájem II (152 apartments)
  • Rezidence Tupolevova II (76 apartments)
  • Nad Motolským hájem I (103 apartments)
  • River Lofts (156 apartments)
  • Tulipán (64 apartments)
  • Nad Vltavským údolím (108 apartments)
  • Rezidence Tupolevova I (88 apartments)
  • Trojská brána (23 apartments)
  • Rezidence Petrohradská (57 apartments)
  • Klimentská Apartments (6 apartments)

Currently under construction

Prague Marina Nova (151 apartments)
Unicity Plzeň (102 apartments)
Zelené město 3 (63 apartments)
Rezidence Čámovka II (146 apartments)
Rezidence Zahálka (236 apartments)
Rezidence Modřanka (50 apartments)
Rezidence Nové Modřany (157 apartments)
Inspirace nad Rokytkou (76 apartments)