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The Facts About Zelene Mesto 3: A Family-Oriented Residential Project

Zelene Mesto 3 is a unique residential project located in a green and tranquil area of Prague, consisting of only 3kk and 4kk units, which makes it an ideal choice for families who require spacious living arrangements. Unlike many other projects that offer a mix of small and large units, we wanted to focus solely on the needs of families and provide the best living experience possible. Our goal was to create a space where families can grow and thrive, without compromising on comfort and convenience.

What sets Zelene Mesto 3 apart from other residential complexes is the sense of community and privacy it offers. Each of the three buildings has around 20 units, which creates a small and intimate setting. This unique feeling is enhanced by the greenery surrounding the project, giving residents a sense of seclusion and luxury. We believe that living in a smaller complex promotes a sense of belonging and community, which is something that is often lacking in larger developments.

As part of our vision for the Zelene Mesto neighbourhood, we have begun hosting events to bring residents together and celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds us. From delicious brunches to sports events, we have a lot planned for our community. We believe that fostering a sense of connection and togetherness is essential to creating a truly welcoming and thriving neighbourhood. At Zelene Mesto 3, we are committed to creating a place where families can not only live, but also grow, learn and make memories that will last a lifetime.


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