Dear clients, due to current governmental restrictions, our Client center Daramis in Jankovcova 14/1595, Prague 7 is closed for for an indefinite period.
For more information please call us on 800 226 223 or write an e-mail to Thank you for your understanding.

We support

Agora 7 foundation

Daramis has founded Agora 7 foundation in 2016, and helps it till nowadays with substantial financial resources. 

Agora 7 mainly focuses on projects connected with the well-being of people in senior age. It actively supports local organizations in Prague 7, like Charita Holešovice or Pečovatelské centrum Prahy 7 and organizations like Cesta domů and Smiling Crocodile.

Mostly this foundation supports Přístav 7 project. It is an educational and cultural center for elderly that offers a wide range of courses, lectures, cultural programmes and advisory centers for 55+ citizens. Its office is located on Jankovcova 8b in Prague 7. Every senior can find something they enjoy, try something new or meet same-age peers. Thanks to these activities, people of elderly age smoothly integrate in society of the 21st century.

Community garden Botanicula was created in immediate proximity to Přístav 7, where anyone from Prague 7 can grow their own fruits and vegetables. One part of the garden is a field for playing pétanque with friends. 

Charita Holešovice is supported by Agora 7 within the Doma je doma (Home is home) project. It is focused on those, who cannot afford care services due to their age, health condition or loss of self-sufficiency. The aim is to help senior citizens to provide them with basic human need, give them strength and hope and postpone as far as possible their allocation to care institutions.

Agora 7 also helps the Cesta domu organization, which provides advisory services in taking care of dying people or those with incurable diseases. It helps survivors in times of sorrow. It also strives for higher awareness in palliative care by professional education and public enlightenment.

Among other activities, the foundation takes care of health of Farní charita Holešovice and Pečovatelské centrum Prahy 7 clients. Every two weeks employees of Agora 7 bring fresh fruit and vegetable baskets – as a part of the Fruit package project.

Our foundation also helps children with complex needs from Smiling Crocodile. Specifically it helps with school operation and finding assistants for children.

Agora 7 also participates in Humanitární konto. It is a public fund-raising campaign for people in difficult social situation. It is designated for covering social care of their clients.

More about Agora 7 foundation here


Festival izraelského filmu KOLNOA (קולנוע), jenž v názvu nese hebrejský výraz pro kino či kinematografii, představuje filmovou produkci této pozoruhodné a pestré země plné protikladů. Byl založen v roce 2017.

Přináší snímky, se kterými se v běžné české filmové distribuci téměř nesetkáme.Součástí festivalu jsou i tematické přednášky o izraelském filmu, prezentace tvorby izraelských filmových škol a doprovodný program z oblasti tance, hudby, výtvarného i kulinářského umění, ukázky základů hebrejštiny či arabštiny. Festival probíhá za laskavé finanční podpory Hlavního města Prahy, Ministerstva kultury České republiky a dalších dárců, do nichž patří i Daramis. Festivalu poskytlo záštitu Velvyslanectví Státu Izrael v České republice.